I’ve retired from civil service where I spent the last 10 years of my career writing training material, teaching, and fact checking and proofing the procedural manuals we used for our job.  I wrote fiction for myself in my few spare minutes and used my real creative drive on making dry training material interesting.  Now I can pour my creativity into the work I want, and that God wants me to do.

Just before I retired I went through a type of breast cancer that has a 5% survival rate.  My sister just finished ovarian cancer treatment, and they said she is also clear of hers.  We are relieved, because my father and brother in law were not so lucky.

My sister got past the ovarian cancer just like I got past breast cancer, and now another sister may be trying out leukemia.  Eh, we’ll make it one way or another.  My father and brother-in-law died of their cancers, but none of us are the types to sit around and moan and think darkly of worst case scenarios.  You just roll with it and deal with each day as it comes, and try to look at the whole thing as an interesting experience.  I’m now working on my third book.  It will be about angelic intervention, so maybe I use my writing to deal with my emotions.  Who knows, as long as it’s a good story, right?

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