Project Burning Bush

 “Ha sido castrado por su padre.” Nita shook her head again. “I’ve seen bad stuff done by the cartel, but your own daddy. Good grief. Get up, blow your nose again, and let’s go rescue those prisoners. Come on, we haven’t got all day.”

“Don’t let your sympathy make you do anything out of character,” Luthor growled, sniffling, then blowing his nose again.

Harper thumped his back.  “You know you’d be suspicious if she was nice to you, big guy.”


           Moonie laid his four fingered hand on Luthor’s forearm.  “We must stop them before they harm your friends. We must be strong, and brave.”

Luthor sniffed, staring at him. “You, too? By your own son? And a bunch of other men?”

Moonie nodded. Burnie bared her teeth and snarled, her eyes distant

Minji watched her. “I believe she has also seen this happen to some she knows.”

Nita nodded. “Yeah, that old woman looks like she’s seen a lot. You saw what she did to those guys I killed. Bet if she gets a chance, she’s going to put some holes in some people.”

Harper shrugged back into his pack and settled it comfortably. “Time for us to hit the trail and find this headquarters so we can all put some holes in people.  Luthor can patch up anybody who gets hurt, and Minji can use her staff to hit some homeruns with the heads of anybody trying to hurt Tweety – if Burnie doesn’t get them first.”

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